Final high scores

Place Name Time
1 Am I Brujo? 23s 396ms
2 Certainly not Francesco 23s 625ms
3 Amos 23s 990ms
4 Amos 28s 121ms
5 Brujo 28s 303ms
6 Amos 28s 652ms
7 Łukasz Niemier 32s 436ms
8 A better Brujo 36s 404ms
9 Amos 36s 881ms
10 Amos 41s 55ms
11 Ayush 41s 993ms
12 Amos 43s 611ms
13 tetiana 58s 60ms
14 udo 58s 767ms
15 not the best version of Brujo 1m 11s 530ms
16 Amos 1m 56s 782ms
17 Bernster 2m 22s 586ms
18 nm 2m 48s 155ms
19 Eduardo 2m 52s 768ms
20 Martin 3m 32s 644ms
21 moebi 3m 34s 443ms
22 Albert Castellano 3m 35s 416ms
23 Arpit 3m 43s 693ms
24 pollet 4m 9s 507ms
25 jburgosk8 4m 13s 46ms
26 Hauleth 4m 16s 526ms
27 Peter Richards (TRR) 4m 46s 457ms
28 Patrick Carver 4m 55s 35ms
29 keith 6m 6s 298ms
30 Amos 6m 13s 952ms
31 Albert Castellano 6m 15s 825ms
32 Doug Wright 6m 31s 902ms
33 ks 7m 33s 596ms
34 Daya Sharma 7m 38s 200ms
35 cro 8m 13s 79ms
36 Derek 8m 28s 929ms
37 Misael Perez 10m 1s 644ms
38 Chris Ertel 10m 48s 593ms
39 pollet 16m 6s 290ms
40 ed duh.. 29m 15s 574ms

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