Final high scores

Place Name Time
1 beam_quiz_solver.ex 😋 1s 760ms
2 Francesco's Beer Again 🍺 18s 373ms
3 Pablo beating Brujo (although not in the Leaderboard) 18s 507ms
4 it's getting tricky 22s 891ms
5 Francesco's Beer 🍺 24s 702ms
6 A Better Brujo 30s 448ms
7 kuba 31s 409ms
8 kuba 32s 994ms
9 Brujo's First Attempt 34s 93ms
10 pfav 1m 4s 382ms
11 Jyoti Gautam 1m 27s 387ms
12 kuba 1m 31s 393ms
13 mgupta 1m 53s 429ms
14 Jyoti Gautam 1m 55s 620ms
15 1m 59s 182ms
16 Jyoti 2m 15s 354ms
17 Adi 2m 33s 364ms
18 Jyoti 2m 36s 689ms
19 Krzysztof M 2m 43s 702ms
20 def_not_rparcus_again 2m 44s 705ms
21 Z 3m 12s 277ms
22 Kacper Perzankowski 3m 28s 498ms
23 kuba 3m 37s 699ms
24 Roberto 4m 9s 967ms
25 Antriksh Chaudhary 4m 26s 339ms
26 David Escher 4m 33s 463ms
27 Håkan 4m 50s 4ms
28 Kacper Perzankowski 5m 9s 78ms
29 Jyoti Gautam 5m 15s 356ms
30 Thibault 5m 33s 33ms
31 kuba 5m 36s 163ms
32 Kenji Rikitake 6m 14s 745ms
33 Mladen Jokanovic 6m 41s 689ms
34 marcin miszczyk 6m 42s 692ms
35 kuba 6m 51s 352ms
36 sophie 7m 14s 236ms
37 Patrício 7m 22s 38ms
38 Ihor 7m 23s 918ms
39 Jyoti Gautam 8m 33s 915ms
40 Bruno Azenha 8m 35s 376ms
41 that's_a_rookie_number 8m 44s 144ms
42 Lakshay Jain 9m 14s 561ms
43 WillW 9m 29s 926ms
44 alexei 9m 58s 911ms
45 Daniel Widgren 10m 10s 126ms
46 tgrk 11m 23s 201ms
47 rparcus 11m 36s 613ms
48 LeartS 12m 6s 429ms
49 Alex 13m 51s 196ms
50 Mohit 14m 16s 173ms

Created by elixircards with love