Final high scores

Place Name Time
1 Brujo... Nevermind, it's Pablo 😉 27s 3ms
2 Brujo 🧙‍♂️ 32s 623ms
3 Pigeon 38s 761ms
4 Brujo? 39s 119ms
5 Almost Brujo 43s 344ms
6 kanmani 46s 895ms
7 Pablo 47s 835ms
8 A no-mate-yet version of Brujo 1m 5s 820ms
9 definitely not Brujo 1m 33s 563ms
10 Pete 2m 12s 993ms
11 Michal 3m 22s 650ms
12 Mårten 3m 36s 253ms
13 tanya 3m 48s 910ms
14 Daniils Petrovs 3m 56s 965ms
15 SImon 4m 20s 368ms
16 katleho 5m 28s 930ms
17 Gabriela Britto 5m 43s 358ms
18 Ale 5m 43s 520ms
19 Adi 6m 6s 598ms
20 ElFantasma 6m 20s 651ms
21 Laura M. Castro 6m 22s 692ms
22 Colin 6m 24s 109ms
23 Mark Harris 6m 54s 133ms
24 Balaji 7m 4s 82ms
25 Svante 7m 6s 367ms
26 Zach 7m 14s 306ms
27 Kruglov 7m 14s 942ms
28 Pete 8m 8s 349ms
29 Marcelo 10m 9s 515ms
30 Chaz 10m 9s 539ms
31 Phil 10m 19s 62ms
32 Simon 10m 30s 307ms
33 Rui 10m 33s 701ms
34 katleho 11m 30s 804ms
35 Glib 12m 44s 901ms
36 TiredAussie 13m 18s 142ms

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